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Planting seeds of change throughStrengthened Relationships
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Services Provided

Individual Therapy

Children, Adolescents or adults learn strategies to manage their mood, anxiety and stress that utilize their strengths.  Issues such as identity formation, trauma, grief and loss and life transitions are explored to promote long-term growth and lasting change. 

Women transitioning into motherhood are supported in struggles pertaining to mood, identity, relationships, body image, ambivalence, high-risk pregnancy or traumatic birth and recovery experiences.


Family Services


Couples Therapy

When partnerships are strained managing life stressors can be more challenging.  Therapy cultivates an understanding and connection that builds a foundation for navigating issues such as family transitions, child-rearing, new family members, grief and loss and traumatic events.


Play Therapy

Children often don’t have the capacity to express themselves through words.  Play is a child’s natural way of learning, experiencing and expressing their ideas.  In play therapy, a therapeutic relationship is developed that supports a child in expressing and working through psychosocial difficulties and promote optimal growth and development.


Child and Parent Therapy

Even babies and toddlers experience stress that can impact their relationships and development.  In dyadic therapy, parents are empowered to better understand, respond to and support their baby or young child.  The parent/ child bond is mended and strengthened to help the child rebuild trust, develop secure attachment, work through stress, trauma and fears.


Psychological Assessment

An in-depth understanding of one’s personality and intellectual functioning is helpful in understanding how one views and approaches their world and challenges, as well as their personal strengths and areas of difficulty.  This is useful in understanding academic, social or emotional struggles and includes recommendations for improved functioning.

Some specific questions that assessment can help with are intellectual/ cognitive ability, attention, problematic behavior, depressed or instable mood, anxiousness, difficulty relating with others, and patterns of difficulties between children and their caregivers.

If you have been referred for an assessment and wonder whether a comprehensive assessment could clarify your child’s needs, please call for a free consultation.


Reflective Supervision & Consultation

All of our providers have earned their Infant Mental Health Endorsement® and can provide Individual or Group Reflective Supervision.  


Helpful Forms

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